Upcoming Meetings: Meetings held at the ASU Global Immersion Center
(formerly the Planetarium)
on the 1st Monday each month starting at 7pm.


Points of Interest, Angelo Astronomy Activities  and  Other Sky  Events
>>>>>>>>>>> Feb - June 2018 <<<<<<<<<<

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Feb 5 (Mon) -- Regular meeting of SAAA, ASU Planetarium, 7:00pm

Feb 15 -- New Moon, Galileo Day - a celebration of the anniversary of Galileo Galilei’s birth.

Feb 22 (Thur) 5pm, Dream Big showing in the ASU Planetarium.
Ken says, “If the weather is clear we will probably get a telescope or two out to look at the Moon during the public shows. "

Mar 1 -- Full Moon

Mar 5 (Mon) -- Regular meeting of SAAA, ASU Planetarium, 7:00pm

Mar 5 - Mercury Passes 1.4 Degrees From Venus

Mar 11 - Daylight Saving - Set Clock Ahead 1 Hour (United States)

Mar 12 - International Day of Planetaria (Italy)

March 12, 2018, 2-3 PM, Can It Rain in Space? – Stephens Central Library
The sun emits electromagnetic energy and particles that interact with the Earth and the Earth’s magnetic field. This system of emissions and interactions is called “space weather.” Some of the space weather events that affect us are solar flares and geomagnetic storms, which in severe cases can be extremely dangerous. Space weather can have all kinds of impacts on human technology and our nation’s infrastructure – from widespread power outages, to communication blackouts, to dangerous radiation storms, to damaged or destroyed satellites. (Dr. Trey Cade, Director of Baylor Institute for Air Science)

March 13-15, Space Camp, 3PM-5PM For Grades 6-12, Sign-Up required. ( Stephens Central Library ). Join us for a dynamic week of fun as we travel to the moon and report back on our findings! During this camp, we’ll learn more about green screens, video recording and editing, creative writing, design, and of course the moon! Students will present their completed projects after the Making Robot Rovers program.

Mar 14 (Wed) -- Pi Day

Mar 15 - Mercury At Its Greatest Eastern Elongation (18 Degrees)

March 15, 3:30-4:30 PM, Making Robot Rovers – ( Stephens Central Library ) We will discover how a robotic rover, like those used on Mars, is designed. We will explore aspects of autonomous robotic systems and answer questions such as: What does it mean to be “autonomous”? How can a rover know where it is on the planet? How do we make our rover move in a smart way? Participants will build a robot rover using Lego Mindstorm parts. (Dr. Scott Koziol, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Mar 17 (Sat) -- Public Star Party, San Angelo State Park, New Moon. Bring your telescope! Or just bring yourself.

Mar 18 - Mercury Passes 3.9 Degrees From Venus

Mar 19-23 - 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), The Woodlands, Texas

Mar 20 - Vernal Equinox, 16:15 UT

Mar 22 (Thu) -- Science Night, 530-730, Fort Concho Elementary. Members and friends, come join us!

March 22, 4-5 PM, Design Your Own Space Vehicle – ( Stephens Central Library ) We will explore the history of flight and discus how some of those aircrafts were designed and how they may need to be different for flight on other planets. After discovering the characteristics that make up an aerial vehicle, we will design our own aerial vehicle for another planet. Other hands-on activities will help participants understand how air flows over different shapes and how that impacts design. (Dr. Anne Spence, Clinical Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering)

Mar 31 -- Full Moon

Apr 1 - Easter Sunday

April 2 (Mon) -- Regular meeting of SAAA, ASU Planetarium, 7:00pm
- - - - - - - - - - - - - Mars Passes 1.3 Degrees From Saturn

Apr 12 - International Day of Human Space Flight, - Yuri's Night: World Space Party

Apr 15 -- New Moon

Apr 22 - Earth Day

Apr 22 - Lyrids Meteor Shower Peak , Tesla Roadster At Opposition (0.166 AU)

Apr 29 -- Full Moon , - Mercury At Its Greatest Western Elongation (27 Degrees)

May 4 - Star Wars Day

May 4 - Space Day

May 5 - Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower Peak

May 5 - National Astronaut Day

May 9 - Jupiter At Opposition

May 12 (Sat) -- Free Day in the Park Star Party, San Angelo State Park

May 22-24 - Space Tech Expo, Pasadena, California

May 25 - Towel Day - Annual Tribute to Douglas Adams

May 29 -- Full Moon

Jun 18 - 35th Anniversary (1983), 1st US Woman In Space (Sally Ride)

Jun 21 - Summer Solstice, 10:07 UT

Jun 27 - Saturn At Opposition

Jun 30 - Asteroid Day













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