Andy Oliver Balloon Guy

My regular rate for balloon entertainment is $60 per hour, depending on the length of the event, the number of kids (or adults), the distance to travel, and my schedule. I provide the balloons and all the hot air! Birthday parties and multiple hours may be a cheaper rate. (For balloon bouquet delivery, click here.)


ballons in San Angelo

The idea setting for balloon sculpture is near a table with a sturdy chair, and if outside, preferably in the shade (sunlight has a negative effect on balloons). If this event is large, you can expect there will be lines of kids and families, so space needs to be allowed that will not block pathways or the flow of foot traffic.

Some Information About Balloons:
--- Latex balloons are a natural product, hence they are biodegradable. In direct sunlight they will deteriorate rather fast.
--- Depending on the creation, balloons can last 4 to 5 days or as little as a few hours.
--- Wind, grass, pecans falling from trees, and rough horseplay can pop balloons prematurely. They are tough balloons, made to twist, but they have limits.
--- Because of the possible hazard for choking, balloons are not given to children around 18 months and younger. Young children tend to put things in their mouth; biting a balloon can cause it to pop. Pieces of broken balloon can be swallowed, and/or block the airway of young children. Please use caution if very young children will attend your event.