Sta-Can Boarding Kennel and Boer Goats

Located in Clarke County, Virginia
Just 20 miles south of Martinsburg, WV
or 10 miles north of Winchester, VA

Owners: Ed & Sandy Patmore
Phone: 540-955-0412

About Us

Boer Goats
We started breeding Boer goats in 2001 to keep our 10+ acres in land use and to keep it trimmed down. We now have a herd of between 12 and 14 does, along with a couple bucks. Most of our stock is registered (or eligible for registration) with the United States Boer Goat Association. We have mostly purebred does. We always have a few commercial does. Our pedigrees carry a lot of South African genetics and also some champions and ennobled stock.

All of our kids are born in the spring, usually around March. We sell breeding stock, does as well as bucks. We also have meat goats for slaughter. Many of our goats are used for maintaining pasture or as pets. We do not show, but we maintain high quality bloodlines.

All the goats are raised on pasture and free choice hay. We keep SweetLix blocks out at all times so all the goats get what they need. They have free choice minerals always available. All are vaccinated with C,D &T.

Our livestock guardian is a donkey named Sophie. She is the boss of the herd and does a great job of keeping the goats safe and in line.

Our herd sires are either purebred or fullblood.

Please feel free to visit us. Call or email with any questions.